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Jeep is legendary and recognized in almost every corner of the world. Jeeps, and often their owners, are synonymously linked with freedom, unbridled passion, authenticity and adventurous fun.

Each 4x4 vehicle has a unique story to tell, and for many, owning a Jeep is not just a brand but a way of life and has been so since 1941.

Gradually the generic term of '4x4' has taken over from the once-universal descriptive name - for all things 4x4 drive - Jeep.

The company (aka Fiat Chrysler) allowed this to happen by not keeping ahead of the market where it had been for so long. This was so at least in people's minds even if not in balance sheet terms.

Nowadays, Jeep is seen as a popularised 4x4, having cast off its once-rugged appearance. Not that there is anything wrong with that seeing as most of the other manufacturers of 4x4s have followed suit.

Jeep 4WD Sport Utility Vehicles

Nowadays Jeep has a variety of models that still hark back to its US parentage. The most popular include the Wrangler, Renegade, and the Cherokee.

We are trying to figure out how the model named 'Compass' came about but surely there must be room for a model named 'Rebel'? Perhaps not considering the current ownership of Fiat Chrysler Group.

The very name 'Jeep' will ensure that these SUV 4x4s will always be around. Even if not with the same the driving force it once was in these circles, it seems they will be in the United Kingdom at least.


Jeep Gladiator Wrangler Pickup 2016Jeep have confirmed the arrival date for the new Wrangler pickup. It seems they will name it the Jeep Gladiator and there's not much to dislike about it.

Jeep say the Gladiator Wrangler Truck, based on the original 2005 concept model, will hit the production lines sometime in 2017.

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Jeep Wrangler 2016Jeep® Wrangler is the original 4x4 trailblazer, designed with components that give you the freedom to Go Anywhere, Do Anything™.

Whether your quest for adventure takes you over rocks, through water, or onto roads buried in fresh snow, Wrangler’s unmatched capability holds true.

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Jeep Patriot 2015The Jeep Patriot 75th Anniversary edition shares your thirst for authentic adventure.

Exclusive color, accents, badging and legendary Jeep capability help it stand out.

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