Toyota LandcruiserTricky balancing on slope courseOut of the water

There are many reasons why people own and drive 4x4 SUV cars. They are as popular now as they have ever been, but it is interesting to see the search results data since 2004.

Since 2011 there has been a slight fall off in the number of web searches related to 4x4, but at the same time, there has been a considerable increase in the number of web searches for SUV's.

If you aggregate both car terms and we see a gradual increase. So, proof that in spite of the economic woes of the world, drivers are still searching for 'class' cars - namely 4x4 SUV vehicles.

Interestingly, there has been a steady year on year fall in the number of searches for off road or offroad! Drivers are realising the overall value of using a 4x4 SUV for normal everyday use - having got over the inevitable spell of finding a bit of mud to drive through, and proudly exhibiting the 'off road' capabilities of their day to day car! (Editor now takes tongue out of cheek, and waits for irate emails - bring 'em on!)

UK Offroading Experiences

Whatever your reason for owning and driving a 4x4, we hope to cover the wide range of topics applicable to owning such a car. For, even if you never drive your 4x4 on anything more 'exciting' than a country lane, there are aspects of driving and owning that need to be taken into consideration.

Take your 4x4 offroad, and a new wide world of expertise will be required. But, you do not have to go 'offroad' to enjoy the pleasure of driving one of today's 4x4 SUV cars.

Off road, a little bit of mud, or a pristine ' get-about'. The choice is yours, and we are with you all the way. Our aim being to present you the cars and information. What you do and how you use your 4x4 SUV is up to you. There will be no caustic jealousy here on this site!

We couldn't resist showing the Mitsubishi Pajero with a little bit of mud on it's tyres!

I have been driving 4x4 cars for most of my adult - sometimes childish - life! Enjoyed every bit of it - off road leisure pursuit, business get around and work horse - all rolled into one!

I have been able to pull a bus of disabled people out of a field - where the driver though he would park! I have been able to take a mountain rescue team up to the base of a rock cliff with all the gear they need to scale to rock and rescue the dog!

Pajero up to it's neck in mudAxle deep in mud, the lady XJ Jag driver was happy to be dragged out of the ditch without her husband knowing what she had done!

Trees felled in various storms have all been 'moved' with assorted 4x4 SUV's. Oh, and I have done a little bit of actual off road driving as well - but that is incidental.

Enjoy the fun of 4x4 off road experience with some off road driving in Kent. There are several types of 4x4 off road courses for the professional or amateur.

You may wish to take a 4x4 off-road driving course for your present or future employment, or simply wish to have a bit of fun with your own - or our - 4x4. Whichever. Off road driving is exhilarating - and demanding.

Whatever type of four wheel driving you aspire to, we can cater for your wishes here on this website.