SUV 4WD Cars Off Roading Guide

Motorists have different reasons for buying new 4x4s, SUVs, and Crossovers. Needless to say, driving a car or van is still as popular today as it has ever been.

The information and expert car reviews in this website focuses on 4 wheel drive sport utility vehicles, pickups, and vans - with some regional off road driving tips for beginners.

Why Go Off Road in the United Kingdom?

A simple definition of off-roading is driving a vehicle (or riding a bike) on an unpaved surface, such as:

It is fair to say that most of the off road courses and sites countywide cater for casual drivers who will be using their own vehicle. But, you can also attend competitive events that will have customised off roaders available for rent.

Of special interest to us, there has been a steady year on year fall in the number of searches for offroad and off road.

So, as our list of SUV makes and models shows, UK drivers are realising the benefits and value in using them for normal everyday use.

What is an Off Road Vehicle?

By and large, the special design features and robust construction means they can handle tough driving conditions (e.g. byways open to all traffic).

Hence, a purpose built off-road vehicle may have:

Pro Tip: Besides 4x4 SUV off-road cars and trucks, other vehicles designed with off-road driving capabilities also include all-terrain vehicle (ATV), utility task vehicles (UTV), dune buggies, recreational off-highway vehicle (ROV), and dirt bikes.

Where to Go Off Roading?

Now, you're most likely asking yourself... "where can I take my 4x4 off roading"? If so, there are some aspects of driving and owning 4x4s that you should take into consideration.

Some proud owners never take their 4WD vehicle on anything more "exciting" than a country lane. But, take your brand new 4x4 off the beaten path, and you're going to enjoy a driving experience like no other.

Here's the deal:

Going off road in a 4 wheel drive used to be all about finding a bit of mud - and driving through it. Nowadays, the aim for most green laning enthusiasts is a bit more challenging.

For example, an off road driving experience in Kent will give you an opportunity to tackle the toughest terrain. So you could say... off roading around the United Kingdom is good clean "muddy fun".

Important: It's always wise to review the driving tips for beginners before you hit the 4x4 off-road sites. These techniques help drivers negotiate water crossings and climb steep gradients. There will be no shortage of twists and traverses to rev up the adrenaline!

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You may wish to take a 4x4 off-road driving course for your present or future employment. Or, maybe you want to have a bit of fun with your own off roader (or someone else's).

Enjoy the fun of 4x4 off road experience with some off road driving in Kent. There are several types of 4x4 off-road courses for the professional and amateur. Whichever you choose, it's exhilarating and demanding!

Note: We try to cater to all motorists no matter what type of four wheel driving you aspire to. But, please contact our team if you have any questions or constructive comments.

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